Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It pays to have friends in high places, but at what cost to Texans?

A commission made up of Vermont and Governor Rick Perry and his appointees maybe decided a very grave future for Texans. They could be determining whether Texas will be the resting places for radioactive waste among 36 states. Now just hearing that alone and being that I live in Texas , I’m thinking why in the world would Texas want to become a housing state for radioactive waste? Why would the Governor Rick Perry who so called loves Texas even consider such a thing? Well it seems one of Rick Perry’s chief contributors owns a company called Waste Control Specialists. If Rick Perry and his commission make a choice to move this mass amount of radioactive waste to texas it will directly and only benefit the Waste Control Specialist company.

It seems to me this decision is based on the lining of Governor Rick Perry’s pockets rather than what is actually good for Texas . A commission should not make such a decision that could possibly turn a beautiful state to what others would see as a wasteland. On top of that the commission could possibly make a decision that benefits only one company and out all the various companies we have it Texas this particular company’s owner is directly involved with Governor Rick Perry by donating to his campaign.

The motive for doing this does not benefit the state in which the waste could possibly be stored. Radiation exposure can cause cancer, birth defects, and other abnormalities. At some point radiation exposure can even cause death. They argue that “if you have the right geology, the right technology and the right regulatory oversight, you can do things properly”. I completely disagree with that statement because at some point in the midst of geology and technology there needs to be common sense. Everything decays over time including the waste dump that will be built to store radioactive waste, which could cause health and environmental problems for the local Texans.

The bottom line is this, Texas should not be housing place for radioactive waste just so Governor Rick Perry’s chief donor can make more money. In addition Texas should not even consider taking on waste from 36 other states. The results of such a decision could change the lives of us and our children’s children. Further reseach and a commission that is not so obviously corrupted or bias should be set up before such a decision could possibly be considered.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weaknesses and Criticisms of the Constitution of the Texas Constitution of 1876

The United States Constitution was framed so that there would be balance among the three main branches of the United States. These three main branches are the executive branch, the judiciary and the legislative branch. The Texas state constitution on the other hand would is the longest constitution with the most amendments out of all 52 states, mainly because the people, who are in the position to change these constitutions, usually change it to favor, their social groups.

The first problem with the Texas state constitution is the length of the document. The United States constitution is 6500 words and 27 amendments, and yet this document governs the entire nation. Mean while the Texas State Constitution has 98,000 words and 467 amendments since November 2009, and I strongly believe that it will still increase. The amendments keep increasing because of the state power. The method of amending the constitution favors certain parties and the legislator lobby with more money. Long constitution arises because citizens are not bothered to learn their right in law but they just vote for it. Once citizen hit a certain age like say ‘35’, the government, knowing the citizens would not be pay attention to what is being written keeps adding more and more to favor themselves.

A second problem even more alarming, is the length is the detail of the constitution. Excessive details should be left to lesser statutory laws which would be passed by a legislature that would be later signed by the government. An example of a detailed part of the Texas Constitution is: “college student loan req, public financial institution, admin of water bond, water bond sales, parks administration, building commission req, municipal retirement systems, road construction, tax rates….” And so on, and so forth.

Finally there is the problem of the fragmented executive branch. The Governor, does not have control over other state authorities, instead, he shares authority with them. It is also the same issue at the county level.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Real danger on southern border

It is so strange to think that our neighboring country could be real danger on southern border harboring such violence. A lot of people think to themselves “I’m glad I’m not in Texas” but what about us who live in Texas. We are right next door to all the chaos in what was one of the most beautiful countries for tourism, not to mention that it is also very close. I agree with the warning the U.S. State Department has issued to the Americans that we should avoid Mexico because of the dangers that it presents to us. We should try to keep to travel to places that we will be comfortable walking around in. Who wants to wait for something bad to happen to them in Mexico. The drug cartels in Mexico are killing people without a care in the world just to protect their trade. It’s like saying “If you’re not with us your against us”. I believe the drug cartels have waged war on anyone who threatens their trading and Americans do just that. At the border itself people are constantly being found murdered and drug cartels are sneaking these killers and drug dealers over into our country and one of the first stops is Texas. Governor Rick Perry is making a good decision in trying to protect American people especially Texans. Why should wait on the federal government when people are already dying and violence is spilling over in our country. As it is said “prevention is better than cure”.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Death row inmate entitled to delay for DNA tests

   With honor and respect to the Editor Board of the Austin American Statesman for keeping we inform on  Death row inmate entitled to delay for DNA tests. I do understand the weight of this situation but as human beings we should be sure that if we are going to end life that we have the person who actually committed the crime. Let's be honest what good is it to come back afterward and say "opps your son didn't do it but he is already dead anyway". There is no harm in being sure that we are person who committed the crime. Being that Gov. Ricky Perry has already had to face a family to say we convicted the wrong man you would think he wouldn't want to face such a situation again. Nothing is perfect, especially when it comes to a trail and evidence. Are we really in such a rush to kill? The crime was a horrible travesty but it was committed by someone other than ourselves, but what if we kill this man without giving him the option for DNA test and we are wrong? Can we live with that choice? We should honor this request for Skinner to receive the necessary DNA tests to either clear or convict of death. We must be sure in our decisions because we can't take this one back.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Impact of Immigration on Republicans

Texas has a bad image each time it comes to immigration, this bad image is mostly brought by the consecutive republicans. all the private detention center in Texas are own by the republicans and an example is our vice president Dick  Cheney. This center is one of the largest detentions facility in Texas. The federal law require that any detainer should be release on probation after six months if they are not deported back to their country, but in this detention center people are held for more than two years, and this people are married to American citizen and have kids to take care of them.
Today in Texas the population is vastly increasing by immigrates which some of their families members are held in the detention center for more than the duration stated by law. Since Texas is so consecutive they don’t see into cases like this, and even if the sees it they promote it. At this point all the immigrate turn to follow the democrats even Hispanic which is the largest immigration in Texas today. Hispanic are known to be anti-abortion due to their roman catholic believe and democrats are for abortion, but this believe is over written by the republican harsh immigration policy. When all this immigrates with their increase population turn completely democrats then Texas will become a democratic state.